Meet The Team Behind Sturppy

About us

We are a small team of builders, creative thinkers, and tech dreamers. Our founders met each other in 2021 just like any modern day COVID romance, on the internet! to be exact...a community for entrepreneurs around the world to share stories, collaborate, and help each other grow.

Half our team lives in the States while the other half lives in Italy. The time difference is 8 hours in case you were curious...but we make it work and love it! (big shoutout to Zoom and Slack)

That’s us! John (left) and Filippo (right)

Our mission

We wish we could say our mission was to save the Amazon or solve world hunger...sadly it’s not...but maybe you can with your new business and we can help you on that journey!

You see, we set out to build Sturppy as the easiest and smartest way for founders around the world to build viable business models and financial plans without having to be experts at Excel or have a degree in finance.

We’re proud to say we’ve helped 1,000+ founders to date and we’re not stopping until we can add a couple more zeroes to that number!

Say Hi!

Please, don’t be a stranger! Reach out to us, ask questions, follow our journey.

If you want to spam both our inboxes, shoot a note to!

BIG THANKS from our full Sturppy fam!

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