Financial modeling for consultants

Our founders spent 10 years as corporate consultants so when we built Sturppy we took special care in making it perfect for niche consultancies of all sizes. Ditch your spreadsheets today!

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Spreadsheet templates go out of date the moment they're published. With Sturppy, we're constantly adding new features, updating benchmark data, and providing Live support to ensure our users are always investor-ready!

24/7 Support

Our team of experts are always available to answer questions and resolve any issues via live-chat.

Scenario Planning

Create down-side and upside-scenarios for your model with a single click! Customize them individually.

Branding & Exports

Add your company’s branding to graphs and KPIs; export anything to Excel or PowerPoint.

Add Collaborators

Send a read-only link with a single-click or invite teammates, mentors, and investors to help you build.

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Start by adding your basic company data

Select a business type for the model you want to build. This helps us tailor the model building experience to your exact needs. Don’t worry, you can still customize everything!

Add your revenue and acquisition channels

Which marketing channels do you use? How much does it cost you to attract them? How are your products / services priced? Use real data or utilize our industry benchmarks.

Create a hiring plan and model your expenses

Scaling a business is a big task, and it’s not just about you; you’re going to need people! In this section you’ll model the growth of your organization and forecast expenses.

Connect the business apps you already love

Add your company branding, practice your pitch using real Q&A from the world’s top VCs, and share your model with investors with a single-click.

Get a grip on your financials. Build on Sturppy.

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