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Your clients are innovating...quit giving them models that look like they were built in 1998!

Use Sturppy with your clients

If you’re a solo consultant, advisor, or coach OR don’t care about our silly name 🙄 and logo...

Start with 10 sub-account workspaces*

Invite unlimated teammates / collaborators

Work with your clients on their own model in their own secure modeling workspace

Invite your clients to onboard themselves with a couple of clicks

Build models 10x faster than Excel and provide your clients with a lifetime license

5 min demo video
Sign up & buy now!

Pay $49/mo when billed annually. Still on the fence? Buy a founder plan & upgrade later or book a call

Consultant Pro

White label Sturppy

If you’re an agency, accelerator, or incubator or want wow your clients with a white labeled platform...

Everything in Consultant Pro plus...

Start with 15 sub-account workspaces*

Advanced white labeling (Custom CNAME domain, replace our logo with your own, custom login/sign-up screens, etc.)

Unlock visitor analytics and custom branded investor URLs for your clients

Sturppy Financial Modeler certification & training

5 min demo video
Book a live demo

Pay $159/mo when billed annually. Work with even just one client per month and 4.7x your ROI

Agency Max

According to TechChrunch, the “old rule” is to wait until you hit $100M in annual revenue to hire a CFO...

So what’s the new rule? If you have trouble with managing cash flow, analyzing and producing financial reports, forecasting, or strategic planning - it’s probably time to speak to a professional...Hire Sturppy as your part time CFO starting at just $399/mo

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a free trial?

No, there are no free trial for any of our plans on Sturppy.

But...have you checked out our library of live models? Watched our YouTube videos? Live chatted the Team? Listened to Beyonce's new album?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for any new purchases or upgrades. If you think Sturppy is for you, give it a try, ask questions, engage our team - if you hate it, no hard feelings! Shoot as a note and we'll give you your money back. Subject to our Terms & Conditions.

How do Sub Accounts and Sub Account credits work?

Sub accounts are standalone modeling workspaces that Consultant Pro and Agency Max plan users create in order to work with outside parties or individuals. You and any other admin users you invite to your account will have access to view and work inside any of the sub accounts associated with your account.

Sub accounts act as individual Lifetime Founder plan licenses - when you spin up a sub account and invite someone to that sub account, they will have access to the sub account for life, regardless of if you churn, get abducted by aliens, or spontaneously combust.

Consultant Pro accounts start with 10 sub account credits
Agency Max accounts start with 15 sub account credits

You can purchase additional sub account credits whenever you want from within Sturppy. These are one time purchases and will never incrementally increase the cost of your monthly subscription unlike a bunch of our competitors.

1 sub account credit = 1 sub account created (sub accounts can invite their colleagues at no additional charge)

1 credit = $40
5 credits = $179 (10.5% discount)
20 credits = $599 (25% discount)
50 credits = $999 (50% discount)

Sub account credits never expire.

Couldn't I just tell my Founders to buy the Founder plan and invite me as a collaborator?

Yes and no...you could try and do this but it's strictly against our fair-use policy and we'd rather not have to call up our lawyer Saul again. Also, our team manually reviews any email address that is invited as a collaborator to more than 3 to make sure our terms of service are being respected.

You could create multiple email identities like you're Leonardo DiCaprio from 2002 but c'mon...what would your Grandma Jo think about big bad you scamming a couple of Indie software developers out of less than $80/mo...not a great look.

I'm in Europe - where is the data stored? Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes we're GDPR compliant and if you're in the EU your data will stay in the EU - we utilize Microsoft for our backend database.

Did you know that half our team is actually in the EU? Yep! Our OG Founder Filippo, lives in Italy with a handful of our technical teammates.

Can you export models to PDFs or Excels?

Yes - you can export everything to a formatted Excel, save graphics as PNGs, and save sections as PDFs. We might call you a Boomer considering one of the major reasons we created Sturppy was to avoid the headaches of Excel... but we get it...we don't want an investor turning their nose up at you just because you can't provide your numbers in Excel.

Become a Sturppy Certified Financial Modeling Advisor!

Supercharge your skills and earn your CFMA from Sturppy in as little as one week! Receive live training from our team of experts on how to effectively build financial models and grow your business.

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Billed once, lifetime license!

For founders and small business owners looking to up their finance game and raise funds

  • 1 modeling workspace

  • Invite up to 5 collaborators

  • Financial model builder

  • Hiring plan builder

  • Preview link for investors

  • Cap table management

  • Customize graph colors

  • Export to Excel & save PNGs

Add additional modeling workspace for a one-time fee of $45

Consultant Pro


Billed monthly

For consultants, advisors, and freelancers working with founders and business owners

  • 10 sub-account workspaces*

  • Invite unlimited collaborators

  • Financial model builder

  • Hiring plan builder

  • Preview link for investors

  • Cap table management

  • Customize graph colors

  • Export to Excel & save PNGs

Get Started

*Purchase additional sub-account credits one-time fee. Learn more

Agency Max


Billed monthly

For agencies and consultants looking for a full white-labeled financial tool to use with clients

  • Everything in Consultant Pro+

  • 15 sub-account workspaces*

  • Advanced full white-labeling:

  • Custom CNAME domain

  • Remove all Sturppy branding and add your own

  • Branded client invite emails

  • Live team training & Sturppy certification program

*Purchase additional sub-account credits one-time fee. Learn more

Looking for an expert to build your financial model?

We've got you covered. Our Premium Plan pairs you with a financial modeling expert who will work with you to understand your business and your goals to build you an investor-ready financial model on Sturppy in no time. Includes a Lifetime Founder Account.

See more details about how the whole process works and the deliverables you'll receive HERE.


Models starting at


Commonly asked questions

How do sub-accounts and sub-account credits work?

Do I need to enter my credit card info to sign up?

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Can I export my data and models to Excel or PowerPoint?

Have more questions?

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