Sturppy Premium: How it all works!

Need help building your model?

We will give you three sessions with one of our Sturppy certified coaches to walk through your model with you, and help you build out all of the details to get ready for your pitch.

This option is for individuals who want help with their marketing funnel, sales and pricing strategy, team growth, KPI’s and benchmarks such as churn rates, and more.

Work with one of our certified coaches to give you advice - as well as teach you about how to best use Sturppy for your financial modeling needs.

What is included:

  • Up to 3x 1 hour-long sessions with a modeling expert
  • Fully built out financial model & plan on Sturppy
  • Lifetime Sturppy Founder Account access
  • Advice and guidance on pricing models & monetization strategy
  • Advice and guidance on customer acquisition channels
  • Advice and guidance on KPI's and benchmarks for your industry
  • Advice on scaling your team and managing expenses

Our Process:

  • Step 1 - Schedule your 1st Session (call #1): You will hold a call with one of our certified coaches to tell us what we need to know about your business, your goals, and objectives. During the call we will request information and any documentation you have for creating your custom financial model on Sturppy.
  • Step 2- Building the model: Once call #1 is complete and information is turned over back to our team at Sturppy, we'll get to work building an initial draft of your model.
  • Step 3 - 1st draft delivered: Up to 3 business days after providing the necessary information to our team, we'll turn around your model and schedule a review call.
  • Step 4 - Model walk through (call #2): Our team will review the built-out model with you for your approval. At this time we'll also train you on the ins and outs of Sturppy so that you'll feel comfortable pulling levers and turning knobs yourself!
  • Step 5 - Revisions: Any feedback during the 2nd Session will be incorporated and adjusted. The revised version is then turned back around to you for your approval. Typically these edits are turned around in 1-2 business days.
  • Step 6 - Final Draft Review (call #3): After the 2nd draft of your model is provided, our team will jump on a 3rd and final call to review your model with you. During this time we will provide Sturppy 101 training with the goal of getting you confident with the platform so that you may make edits yourself going forward.
  • Step 7 - Additional calls & support: Financial models are always evolving, we get it, and we're here to help! You'll receive access to support via email and our team is always willing to assist with questions or concerns in connection to the built out model. Please note: we consider the premium engagement as complete and final following call #3, the final draft review. Any additional edits by our team are at our discretion and subject to our availability.

Proprietary rights & NDAs:

As part of our services, we require all parties to sign mutual NDA’s. This is to ensure any sensitive or proprietary information you share with our team stays safe. You own all rights, titles, and interest in, or have full right and authority to permit the use of the information submitted for the provision of our services.

Sturppy Premium is still subject to our regular Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.


Our fees for the Services are based on the model features required by you and detailed during the sales process. If you should require any additional features or consultation calls, additional costs will be applicable.

Fees are due and will be payable via the Sturppy platform (processed by Stripe) my means of a working credit card prior to Session 1. Failure to submit payment may result and is subject to a cancellation of Session 1.

Revisions & Deliverables:

The delivery time will depend on the purchased services. Regarding the Financial Model, once you have received a final draft and call #3 has been conducted, we consider the engagement final and delivered. We may make modifications or adjustments associated with errors, KPI tracking and visualization/branding and are willing to make modifications at our discretion and based on team availability.

However, revisions beyond the scope of services do not include the incorporation of any new ideas or features not previously contemplated in the information provided by you. Revisions of the model do not include any amendment or revision of the content since such content is deemed to have been previously submitted and approved by you. The client’s contact person will be in charge of requesting any changes and approving the project deliverables. After call #3 is complete, you will have up to two (2) days to respond with feedback, once that time has passed the project will be placed on hold, and no longer be available for any future revisions and will be considered as accepted by you.

As part of the services, the team will generate deliverables for you, housed within the Sturppy platform. These include final draft of the Financial model, which is considered to be the culmination of any and all revisions performed as part of the services. Once the final draft is delivered, the project is labeled complete and no new edits are available under that request.

Our Team's Schedule:

Our working ours are Monday through Friday 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM Eastern Time. Scheduling calls will be made available via a Calendly link. Schedule your free 20-minute discovery call with the team HERE.

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