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Use our proven templates to build a model fast, without any prior experience or expertise in finance. Share a live link with potential investors or export the entire model to a formatted spreadsheet with a single click.

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How it works

Move from template to finished model in minutes, not days.

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Choose a template

Choose from one of our dozens of custom built templates and customize it for your business or start with a blank slate and build a model from scratch.

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Customize your model

Easily change the acquisition channels, revenue streams, hiring plan, and expense details. You can even change the default graph colors and customize the home screen.

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Share or export it

When your financial model is good to go, share the whole thing with a read-only live link or export the entire model to a formatted .CSV file.


View live examples

If you can dream it, you can model it on Sturppy Planning. Click one of our live examples below to see what a polished financial model looks like in action.

Trusted by teams of all sizes

“Sturppy is a no brainer if you want to have your finger on the pulse! This product makes it super easy and takes away all the Excel work that takes days if not weeks to perfect. The UI is perfect and you can share your data with one click...”

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Jesper Q.
CEO of Demand

“Sturppy has helped me understand aspects of accounting we didn't have access to as a small business. The financial projections were eye opening as you can adjust the number of staff, ad spend, or expenses to see if your model is going to work.”

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John C.
Co-founder @ Doublesided Agency

“Sturppy is a no brainer if you want to have your finger on the pulse! This product makes it super easy and takes away all the Excel work that takes days if not weeks to perfect. The UI is perfect and you can share your data with one click...”

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Diran G.
Founder of Quickblog

“I was rather bowled over yesterday by the potential of your application, especially for the market I'm after, which will save considerable time quickly crunching the numbers. I found myself even thinking about your platform whilst trying to sleep last night!!” logo. Blue.
Andrew B.
CEO of

“I’m a mom of two (a special needs teen and a toddler) - as well as a business owner. You saved me a lot of stress and money... plus, I gained a bit of knowledge! Thank you!”

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Erica D.
CEO of Focus4Familes
Hire our team of experts

Not into DIY? Hire our team of experts to build you a fully custom investor-ready model in under a week.

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Choose a plan tailored to your needs.
Build it yourself option
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Founder includes:
One model workspace, additional models can be added $45/ea
Invite up to 5 collaborators
Export to .CSV
Customize graph colors
Add custom KPIs
Hosted shareable live read-only link
Hire our team of experts
one time fee
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Premium includes:
Everything from the Founder plan plus:
Custom built for you by our team of experts. ~1 week turnaround
60 minute consultation with our founders
30 minute 1:1 recorded Sturppy 101 training session
Priority support - email the founders directly
Unlocked custom live link branding & viewer analytics ($20 value)
Use it with your clients
billed monthly
Book a free call
Agency includes:
Create sub-account workspaces - work with your clients in their own secure modeling workspaces
Invite unlimited collaborators
Invite clients to onboard themselves
White labeling options available
*Clients keep their workspace even if you cancel your subscription

Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question we didn't include here? Use the live chat at the bottom right of your screen or shoot us an email at

No, there are no free trials for any of our plans on Sturppy Planning.

But...have you checked out our library of live example models? Watched our YouTube videos? Live chatted the Team? Listened to Beyonce's new album?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for any new purchases or upgrades. If you think Sturppy is for you, give it a try, ask questions, engage our team - if you hate it, no hard feelings! Shoot as a note and we'll give you your money back. Subject to our Terms & Conditions.

Short answer: yes.

Slightly longer answer: it depends on how much customization you're willing to tolerate during the modeling process.

We built Sturppy with the goal of being a tool for any founder, regardless of industry, niche, skill level, monetization strategy, funding, etc.

You're an agency with a SaaS subscription and hourly fees? No problem!

You operate a coffee shop / subscription car wash and you sell your company swag online? We got you.

95% of companies can be modeled quickly. 4.9% may require some manual customization which can easily be achieved with our DIY flow editor. And the remaining 0.1% of companies, well...I'd argue that some aspiring entrepreneurs are too stubborn to change their ways or invest the time required to understand their numbers...and for them, we simply refund their money and send them back to their 2005 Excel template, no questions asked.

Sturppy Planning is great for early stage businesses that might not have significant revenues or expenses yet. A typically Sturppy Planning user is focused on building a financial model to be used for an application to an accelerator/incubator, raise a seed round, or simply to get a better understanding of the economic potential of a new business. The models built on Sturppy Planning are NOT connected to live data sources.

Sturppy Plus
on the other hand IS connected to live data sources. A typical Sturppy Plus user has an established business doing at least $10K/mo in revenue or has raised a minimum of $250K in funding. For more info about the differences, checkout this post here.

No, you can't upload an Excel model...but it's very common for our new users to have some or all of their existing data and assumptions in a spreadsheet somewhere.

Having that info ahead of time will actually speed up the model building process.I know data entry is painful but just think, invest the 20 minutes today and then you NEVER have to deal with sloppy spreadsheets for your financial modeling EVER again. You got this.

Sturppy Planning also does NOT connect to any live data sources. If you're looking for that sort of thing, I suggest you checkout our other tool, Sturppy Plus.

We've got a pretty great documentation website chock full of getting started guides, gifs, and tutorial videos. In addition to our support site the onboarding process is pretty intuitive...we walk you through the entire process of building a model from end to end.

We also have in-app live chat support. We have team's in the US and in EU. The team supports normal business operating hours in the US and EU. We typically respond within minutes, if it's non-business hours, you can expect a response the next day.

In addition to our live chat and help site, we've also got some pretty good tutorials and videos on our YouTube page.

Sturppy supports every currency on Earth and in outer space.

No seriously, in 2007 scientists from the National Space Centre designed the Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denomination (QUID). QUID was proposed as the first "space currency" to be used for inter-planetary transactions and in an effort to expand our TAM we went intergalactic.

NOTE: we do not accept QUID as valid payment for subscriptions or lifetime licenses at this time...

As far as languages we support, we only support English at this time...

No problem, feel free to use the live chat at the bottom right of our site or you can shoot us an email at

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