CEILING.MATH: Google Sheets formulas explained

As a marketer, I have learned that data analysis is the key to making informed decisions. And as a Google Sheets user, I have found that using formulas can make my life so much easier. One of my favorite formulas is CEILING.MATH, which rounds a number up to a specified multiple. Let me explain:

What is CEILING.MATH and how does it work?

In simple terms, CEILING.MATH is a Google Sheets formula that rounds a number up to the nearest specified multiple. For example, if you have a number that is not divisble by 5, you can use CEILING.MATH to round it up to the nearest 5.

The syntax for CEILING.MATH is:

=CEILING.MATH(number, [significance])

The number argument is the number you want to round up, and the significance argument is the multiple to which you want to round up the number. If you omit the significance argument, it defaults to 1 (meaning the number will be rounded up to the nearest integer).

An example of CEILING.MATH in action

Let's say you have a list of prices for products in your e-commerce store, and you want to round them up to the nearest dollar. You can use CEILING.MATH to do this.

Here's how:

  1. Enter the CEILING.MATH formula into a cell in your Google Sheet.
  2. In the number argument, reference the cell containing the price you want to round up.
  3. In the significance argument, enter 1 (since we want to round up to the nearest dollar).
  4. Press Enter.

For example, if your price is in cell A2, your formula would look like this:


And the result would be the rounded up price.


CEILING.MATH is particularly useful when dealing with financial data. For example, if you need to calculate interest on a loan or investment, you may need to round the amount up to the nearest dollar or another specified multiple.

Another use case for CEILING.MATH is when you need to assign values to different ranges. Let's say you have a grading system that uses letter grades (A, B, C, etc.) and you want to assign a point value to each grade. You can use CEILING.MATH to assign point values in a way that ensures each grade falls within a specific range. For example, you could assign a point value of 90 to 100 for an A, 80 to 89 for a B, and so on.

Other rounding functions in Google Sheets

In addition to CEILING.MATH, Google Sheets offers a variety of other rounding and truncating functions:


Each of these functions has its own syntax and use cases. If you need to round numbers in your Google Sheet for a specific purpose, be sure to explore these other functions to see if they suit your needs better than CEILING.MATH.

In conclusion

CEILING.MATH is a powerful Google Sheets formula that can save you time and effort when working with financial data, grading systems, and more. By rounding numbers up to a specific multiple, you can ensure that your calculations are accurate and consistent. Whether you're a marketer, analyst, or just a casual user of Google Sheets, CEILING.MATH is a formula that is definitely worth adding to your toolbox.

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