SUMXMY2: Google Sheets Formulas Explained

Hey there, fellow spreadsheet enthusiasts! Are you constantly searching for ways to streamline your data entry and analysis on Google Sheets? Look no further than the SUMXMY2 formula. Don't let the intimidating name scare you away - this formula is actually pretty simple (once you learn how to use it).

What is SUMXMY2?

SUMXMY2 is a Google Sheets formula that allows you to find the sum of the product of two arrays. Let's break down what that means. First, an array is a group of numbers or values arranged horizontally or vertically in a spreadsheet. The SUMXMY2 formula takes two arrays and multiplies each value from the first array with its corresponding value in the second array. Then it squares each individual product, adds them all up, and voila - you have your sum!

How to Use SUMXMY2?

Now, let's look at an example of how to use SUMXMY2 in a real-world scenario. Let's say you own a small bakery and you want to track the amount of money you make each day from selling cupcakes and cakes. You have two arrays - one showing the amount of cupcakes sold and their price per cupcake, and another showing the amount of cakes sold and their price per cake.

To calculate the total revenue for each day, you can use the SUMXMY2 formula. First, you would select two columns - one for the number of cupcakes sold and their price per cupcake, and another for the number of cakes sold and their price per cake. Then, you would enter the SUMXMY2 formula, specifying the range of each array in the formula, like this:


Voila! You now have your total revenue for the day.

Why is SUMXMY2 Useful?

So why is the SUMXMY2 formula so great? There are actually many reasons.

  • Accuracy: The formula allows for more accurate calculations, as it takes into account all values in two arrays, rather than just a single value from each.
  • Convenience: It saves time and effort by automating the calculation process.
  • Versatility: The formula can be used for a variety of applications, not just calculating revenue. It can be used for scientific and mathematical research, analyzing survey results, and much more.

Overall, the SUMXMY2 formula is a handy tool to keep in your Google Sheets toolbox. It's precise, efficient, and versatile - everything you could want in a formula. So why not give it a try?

Thanks for reading, folks! Happy spreadsheeting!

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