Sturppy's integration with Shopify

Looking for one piece of software that can create demand forecasts, aggregate your eCommerce KPIs and metrics, and track your actual performance in real time? Sturppy Plus has got you covered.

Pull in your real-time data from Shopify into Sturppy Plus with a couple of clicks. Demand forecasts? No problem. Consolidated metric tracking? We got you. Stock-outs? They're a thing of the past. Unleash the power of AI for your eCommerce store today.

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Connect all your live financial and operational data sources to Sturppy Plus and unlock the power of AI driven forecasting and insights.

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Shopify, Square

Create dynamic demand forecasts for all your variants by pulling in critical data from the eCommerce platforms you use.

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Pull in customer data and more from your favorite CRM software into Sturppy Plus.

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accounting / bookkeeping
QuickBooks, Xero,

Automate your financial reporting, create forecasts and more by connecting your accounting or bookkeeping software.

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