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Choose your own financial modeling  adventure!

Build my own financial model

If you’re pre-revenue, looking to apply to an accelerator, or simply the frugal DIY type - this is for you

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Invite up to 5 teammates / collaborators

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Customize graph colors + add custom KPIs

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Export statements to Excel and save charts & KPIs as PNGs for decks

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Share a live read-only link of your model with potential investors, capture feedback and visitor analytics

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Lifetime access for $79. Software without monthly recurring fees?? Doesn’t get much better!

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Work with a team of experts

If you’ve got real revenue or you’re lookin’ to raise $250K+ in the next 8+ weeks - work with our team

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Lifetime access to the sturppy platform

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Fully custom model ready in about a week

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1-2 hours is all we ask of your calendar

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100% customized to meet your unique needs and guarenteed to wow investors

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Investor prep, 1:1 coaching, and hands on training from our founders

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Engagements start at $899, this includes a lifetime license for you and your teammates.

According to TechChrunch, the “old rule” is to wait until you hit $100M in annual revenue to hire a CFO...

So what’s the new rule? If you have trouble with managing cash flow, analyzing and producing financial reports, forecasting, or strategic planning - it’s probably time to speak to a professional...Hire Sturppy as your part time CFO starting at just $299/mo

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Do you have a free trial?

No, there are no free trial for any of our plans on Sturppy.

But...have you checked out our library of live models? Watched our YouTube videos? Live chatted the Team? Listened to Beyonce's new album?

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for any new purchases or upgrades. If you think Sturppy is for you, give it a try, ask questions, engage our team - if you hate it, no hard feelings! Shoot as a note and we'll give you your money back. Subject to our Terms & Conditions.

My business is really unique - is Sturppy still a good fit for me?

Short answer: yes.

Slightly longer answer: it depends on how much customization you're willing to tolerate during the modeling process.

We built Sturppy with the goal of being a tool for any founder, regardless of industry, niche, skill level, monetization strategy, funding, etc.

You're an agency with a SaaS subscription and hourly fees? No problem!

You operate a coffee shop / subscription car wash and you sell your company swag online? We got you.

95% of companies can be modeled quickly. 4.9% may require some manual customization which can easily be achieved with our DIY flow editor. And the remaining 0.1% of companies, well...I'd argue that some aspiring entrepreneurs are too stubborn to change their ways or invest the time required to understand their numbers...and for them, we simply refund their money and send them back to their 2005 Excel template.

What's the difference between plans? Which plan is best for me?

Founder Plan - Great for founders just starting out - you're pre-revenue or generating less than $1,000/mo and looking to scale your idea into a business or apply for early stage accelerators/incubators. You're ok with DIY (Do It Yourself) education and model building.

Founder Plan + Premium - You're likely in an Accelerator or Incubator, you've got a solid MVP and / or are generating up to $20K/mo. You're looking to raise a pre-seed or seed round and need an investor-ready model ASAP. You're busy running your business and realize that a solid financial model can make a big difference in nailing the round.

Both plans include a lifetime license for the platform.

If you're a Consultant or Agency, checkout our separate pricing just for you!

How long does it take to build a model on Sturppy?

Bit of a loaded question here (way to go content team) most things in life, it really depends. Are you Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel or are you my three year old niece with a set of finger paints and a half-hour before nap time?

You can capture the essence of your model by painting with broad strokes in about 10 minutes, whereas if you want to build something complex that will wow potential investors, you're looking in the realm of investing at least an hour or two.

If you choose the option where you decide to work with our team to have a model built for you, our turnaround is about a week and we ask for about an hour worth of input from one founder or's the details of how that all works.

The nice thing is that Sturppy's collaborative - invite your co-founder or a mentor to help you. Build at your own pace, it's not a race... unless of course it is a race, in which case you're going to want to go with the option where you pull in our experts - we build freaky-fast.

Can I upload an Excel model into Sturppy?

No, but it's very common for our new users to have some or all of their existing data and assumptions in a spreadsheet somewhere. Having that info ahead of time will actually speed up the model building process.

I know data entry is painful but just think, invest the 20 minutes today and then you NEVER have to deal with sloppy spreadsheets for your financial modeling EVER again. You got this.

Do you have a public roadmap? When do you release updates?

Sure do. Here's the link. Go wild buckaroo.

Our team typically puts out one major release on Friday's.

Can I change the currency used?

Yes! Sturppy supports every currency on Earth and in outer space.

No seriously, in 2007 scientists from the National Space Centre designed the Quasi Universal Intergalactic Denomination (QUID). QUID was proposed as the first "space currency" to be used for inter-planetary transactions and in an effort to expand our TAM we went intergalactic.

NOTE: we do not accept QUID as valid payment for subscriptions or lifetime licenses at this time...

Calling all consultants, accelerators, and coaches...

Use Sturppy with your clients - become a Sturppy Certified Financial Advisor and replace old paper deliverables with a lifetime license. Hate our logo? No offense taken...white label the whole platform as your own.

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Billed once, lifetime license!

For founders and small business owners looking to up their finance game and raise funds

  • 1 modeling workspace

  • Invite up to 5 collaborators

  • Financial model builder

  • Hiring plan builder

  • Preview link for investors

  • Cap table management

  • Customize graph colors

  • Export to Excel & save PNGs

Add additional modeling workspace for a one-time fee of $45

Consultant Pro


Billed monthly

For consultants, advisors, and freelancers working with founders and business owners

  • 10 sub-account workspaces*

  • Invite unlimited collaborators

  • Financial model builder

  • Hiring plan builder

  • Preview link for investors

  • Cap table management

  • Customize graph colors

  • Export to Excel & save PNGs

Get Started

*Purchase additional sub-account credits one-time fee. Learn more

Agency Max


Billed monthly

For agencies and consultants looking for a full white-labeled financial tool to use with clients

  • Everything in Consultant Pro+

  • 15 sub-account workspaces*

  • Advanced full white-labeling:

  • Custom CNAME domain

  • Remove all Sturppy branding and add your own

  • Branded client invite emails

  • Live team training & Sturppy certification program

*Purchase additional sub-account credits one-time fee. Learn more

Looking for an expert to build your financial model?

We've got you covered. Our Premium Plan pairs you with a financial modeling expert who will work with you to understand your business and your goals to build you an investor-ready financial model on Sturppy in no time. Includes a Lifetime Founder Account.

See more details about how the whole process works and the deliverables you'll receive HERE.


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Commonly asked questions

How do sub-accounts and sub-account credits work?

Do I need to enter my credit card info to sign up?

What is your cancellation and refund policy?

Can I export my data and models to Excel or PowerPoint?

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