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What is Downgrade MRR?

Why is Downgrade MRR important


What is Downgrade MRR?

Downgrade MRR, also known as MRR Churn, refers to the decrease in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) that a company experiences as a result of customers downgrading their subscription plans or canceling their subscriptions altogether. This type of revenue decline is an important metric for companies that rely on subscription-based business models, as it indicates how well they are retaining their customers and how sustainable their revenue streams are.

Why is Downgrade MRR important?

Downgrade MRR is important because it is a key metric for measuring customer retention. When a customer downgrades their subscription plan or cancels their subscription, it is an indication that they are not fully satisfied with the company's product or service, or that they can no longer afford to pay for it. A high rate of downgrade MRR can be an early warning sign that a company's customer retention strategies are not working effectively.

Example: A SaaS company that starts out with 100 customers paying $100/month and lose 10 customers paying $50/month, resulting in a 10% decrease in MRR from the previous month.

Downgrade MRR can also be used to measure the success of a company's pricing strategies. If a company is experiencing a high rate of downgrade MRR, it may be a sign that its pricing strategy is not competitive or that its pricing is out of line with market conditions. Additionally, it can also be a useful metric for assessing a company's competitive position in its industry and its ability to fend off rivals.


In summary, Downgrade MRR is a key metric that measures a company's customer retention and the sustainability of its revenue streams. It is important because it is a leading indicator of a company's ability to retain customers, measure the success of its pricing strategies, and assess its competitive position in its industry. Companies that are able to consistently reduce their downgrade MRR are likely to be successful in the long-term.

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