Why Choose Sturppy over Slidebean Financial Model Templates?

For starters, our team has immense respect for Slidebean and Caya, their founder. They’ve built a great pitch deck tool and share in our mission of educating and elevating founders around the world.

If you’re here to understand the differences between Sturppy and Slidebean Financial Model Templates, or looking for an alternative, you’re in the right place.

What’s the Difference Between Sturppy and Slidebean Financial Model Templates?

Aside from the giant elephant in the room, (Sturppy is a software platform and not a static Excel template), it’s worth noting that Sturppy’s sole focus is startup financial modeling.

Both our founders individually built startups prior to Sturppy, struggled to build and manage their financials with Excel templates, and then spent two years building the solution they wished they would’ve had for their first startups in Sturppy.

Our team is passionate about the intersection of startups and finance and truly care whether or not your startup or small business succeeds.

The Top 5 Reasons Why Founders Choose Sturppy over Slidebean Financial Model Templates

"Slidebean's one size fits all template didn't fit for my company."

We built Sturppy to work for any founder, any country, any industry, any business model. In the setup process, you'll select multiple items from a list of business types that best describes your business. From your selection, Sturppy will dynamically update to meet your exact needs.

Let's say you're building a mobile game for Gen-Z. You tell Sturppy that you're building a mobile game and a week later you decide you want to add an e-commerce component to your business. We don't think you should have to purchase an entirely separate e-commerce template just to support that!

Simply add the components you need, when you need them. It's that easy.

"Sturppy sells their software as a $79 lifetime deal. It's the same price as Slidebean but [with Sturppy] I get a whole software platform that I can get free live support from."

With Sturppy Founder plan, you're purchasing a lifetime license - you only pay one time, there are no recurring subscription fees. Of course there are no recurring fees with purchasing a Slidebean Financial Model Template either but their financial models are one time downloads.

When you buy a book from your favorite author for $30, you don't get the sequel for free when it's released in a year do you? No, you have to pay again, right? That's the way most Excel templates work...

At Sturppy, you pay $79 one time for our Founder plan and you receive every update and new feature we release every week.

"I saved so much time building my model on Sturppy."

The entire platform is Ferrari fast...this may or may not have to do with the fact that most our developers are Italian born 🤌... Jokes aside, our team works hard to continually optimize the process of building start to finish in Sturppy.

With Sturppy, terms and KPIs you may not know are built into the platform with tool tips. We've also gathered industry data from extremely reputable sources to provide you with guidance on whether an assumption you're making is too aggressive compared to your peers or too subdued.

"No offense to Slidebean but Excel graphs are just plain ugly to look at, whereas I can add my branding to the graph's in Sturppy and they're dynamic."

The graphs and charts in Sturppy are entirely customizable to meet your specific design esthetic.

Hate bar charts but love line charts? Boom, change it. Insist on using Merlot red instead of Crimson red for all of your expenses? Change it in one spot and watch the whole model update instantly.

Add your own logo and brand colors when presenting to potential investors and save any chart or graph as a PNG for your pitch deck.

"Excel is just hard...formulas break, I forget which fields are hard-coded vs. formulas, it was just a hot mess..."

Say goodbye to Excel VLookups, IF/Thens, and #REF! Errors...We built Sturppy to be simple at the surface but complex when you need it to be.

At the end of the day, if your potential investors really insist on using Excel, you can export the entire model to Excel with a single button.

How Sturppy Compares to Slidebean Financial Model Templates


Live chat support from experts


Weekly software updates


Live example model library


Shared link & visitor analytics


Hiring plan & cap table projections


YouTube tutorials


Tool tips & smart assumption guidelines


DIY - Single Financial Model



Built for You - Custom Financial Model



4,000+ Startups & SMBs from 96 Countries Trust Sturppy

What Founders Say About Sturppy

Using Sturppy is like having a CFO in a Box!

"It’s a super easy to use platform and you can create your own financial model within minutes, mine took 8ish minutes! I’m very grateful for this “CFO-in-a-box” solution!"

Founder & CEO, Quickblog
Really easy to use for everyone!

"You don't need to have a Master of Business Administration to understand how this works. Very solid product and super friendly and helpful team. Wholeheartedly recommended!"

Owner, Forrówelt
No brainer if you want to have your finger on the pulse!

"This product makes it super easy and takes away all the Excel work that takes days if not weeks to perfect. The UI is perfect and you can share your data with one click..."

Founder, Demand

What are you waiting for? Let's build your investor-ready model today!

Try Sturppy with no risk to you - 30-day money back gaurentee.

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